Take control
of your intimate health

More than 60% of women experience intimate health problems and symptoms at some time in their life.
Nevertheless, more often than not we are embarrassed to talk about it and ask for help.

B-wom helps you with personalized care plans to prevent or reverse symptoms and improve your physical and emotional wellbeing.

Here are some of the goals you can work on with B-wom:


Enhance your sensations during sex and boost your orgasms.

Urine incontinence

Prevent and reduce urine leaks when you laugh, sneeze, cough or run.


Tone your core to protect your back and pelvic floor – and look great!


Create a new normal to improve your quality of life and protect your pelvic floor.

Pregnancy and after

Prepare your body for birth and recover after your baby is here.

We are working on new goals.
Write us to know your interests!


Improve your quality of life
in just 10 minutes a day

Improving your life is a journey,
B-wom will be there for you.


Learn about your body


Train using customized routines


Turn small changes into longlasting healthy habits

Hello B-wom,
Hello confidence!

Meet B-wom


We guide you and help you reach your goals with habits, exercises and content adapted to your needs.


All of the information is created and curated by specialists and professionals. Save time and the bother of looking it up on the internet.


Get a guide for the most intimate part of your well-being from wherever you wish. Private, secure and professional.

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Take control of your intimate health